Discovery and envisioning
Discovery and Envisioning

We analyze your business.

Iterative configuration
Iterative Configuration

We configure a solution according to your needs.

Validation and Adaptation
Validation and Adaptation

You validate the solution as we implement it.

Training and Adoption
Training and Adoption

We train your team and ensure the solution is well adopted.

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We are a group of individuals who loves working together and solving challenges. Every project for us is based on trust and a close collaboration between the team and the customer. To ensure the success of every project, our team of circa 30 employees is certified in:

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Stellaxius - Warp speed ahead

What is leadership? Our insights and best practices

Leadership has evolved quite a lot through time, given people themselves have evolved. It’s not just numbers; it’s not just a job anymore – there’s a shift of attention to the people: what affects them, what drives them…? So, we see different types of Leadership arising. Organizations and leaders have, of course, to adapt to […]

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4 best platforms for Salesforce Certification

Hello, fellow avid Stellaxius follower! We hope to find you well, today we come with an article we hope can help you prepare with the right tools for any given Salesforce certification!    ‘’How?”, you might ask yourself. There are so many Salesforce Certifications… Well, the fundamental basis for any of them is the same, […]

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Stellaxius - Warp speed ahead

Martech: how Salesforce tools improve your results

We’re almost closing this year and at the same time planning the next one, right? So, I choose the martech topic for this article and how this kind of technology brings tools that can help in your organization, both for optimization and greater performance. Are you ready? Let’s get to it! Here’s our table of […]

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