Discovery and envisioning
Discovery and Envisioning

We analyze your business.

Iterative configuration
Iterative Configuration

We configure a solution according to your needs.

Validation and Adaptation
Validation and Adaptation

You validate the solution as we implement it.

Training and Adoption
Training and Adoption

We train your team and ensure the solution is well adopted.

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We are a group of individuals who loves working together and solving challenges. Every project for us is based on trust and a close collaboration between the team and the customer. To ensure the success of every project, our team of circa 30 employees is certified in:

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Stellaxius - Warp speed ahead

Why AI is a must-have in your marketing toolkit?

Using artificial intelligence (AI) is not something new for many of us. When applied to marketing, AI uses techniques such as machine learning to improve customer experiences by making customised offers in real-time, for example. But the organisational benefits of marketing AI also regard automating large-scale and repetitive tasks and letting leaders work on planning […]

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Stellaxius - Warp speed ahead

Mulesoft integration: solving 5 challenges of digital transformation

Digital transformation is a topic that touches every company in every industry. One may conclude that there are no two digital transformation journeys alike. Every organization has specific challenges and objectives they want to tackle. However, the foundation of all digital transformation strategies is generally the same, and Mulesoft integration can be one of them! […]

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Stellaxius - Warp speed ahead

Salesforce Summer’22 Release: What’s new on Sales Cloud?

Did you ever experience Christmas during Summer? The Salesforce Summer’22 Release has some taste of that – several functionalities, previously available at additional cost, or using separate licenses, are now included in Sales Cloud-native tools free of cost for Performance and Unlimited editions. Sales Cloud Einstein, Pipeline Inspection, Sales Engagement (High-Velocity Sales rebranded), Salesforce Meetings, […]

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